CDF is a national humanitarian organization established in 2003, based at Jacobabad, Sindh and registered in Sindh and Baluchistan. CDF registered in Sindh under voluntary social welfare act 1961 in August 2005 (Having registration No- 055/2005 SW-Jacobabad Sindh Dated 23-08-2005) and June 2010 in Baluchistan under the same law with Social Welfare and Community Development Department Government of Baluchistan (having registration # 115-10/CD Jaffarabad Baluchistan Dated 22-06-2010 ) CDF is also registered with Baluchistan Charities Registration Authority BCRA (Registration # BCRA-115316)

CDF is one of the few people-centered organizations that grew within the local community of Jacobabad Sindh and expanded its geographical outreach from one district to Nine districts (Jacobabad, Kashmore, Shikarpur,Kambar Shahadkot, Sukkur, Khairpur, Jafarabad, Naseerabad and Jhal Magsi) and from one province to two provinces (Sindh and Balochistan).


  1. The top management of Community Development Foundation CDF consists of three entities – the General Body, Board of Directors and the Management. The general body of the organization consists of 50 members (50% male and female) with diverse professional background like financial, social, educational and business. The general body sets overall organizational directions, approve organizational strategy and select/elect board of directors
  2. The Board of directors BOD is at the centre of the governance. It consists of 07 members (04 Male and 03 female) CDF Board is over all responsible for the smooth functioning of organization day to day work. The board responsibilities are as under:
    1. Compliance of the organization to its Mission and Vision: The Board evaluates the various activities to see if they are in line with organizations vision and mission.
    2. Establishing Fundraising Goals: Board members along with the executive director establish the fundraising goals for the organization. The members also help the in establishing contacts with donor agencies and corporate houses.
    3. Assessment of Organizations activities: Board members regularly evaluate and assess the working of the organization, through reports and discussions. Based on the assessment, the board members suggest revision, modification and restructuring of current projects and programs.
    4. Establishing policies: Board members draft policies and protocols for the smooth functioning of the organization. These policies may be related to human resource management, communication, fundraising, administration and procurement etc.
    5. The financial healthof the organization: The board is responsible for ensuring that the organization utilizes the funds judiciously and remains financially secure. Board members develop a comprehensive financial policy to achieve accountability and transparency.
    6. Annual budget and annual work-plan: Board members develop and approve budget on an annual basis. Based on the approved budget, a work-plan is drafted to carry out various activities as per the budget.
    7. Representation: Board members are the face of the organization. They represent and promote the organization in various events and functions. Chairman of the board carries several responsibilities and as the leader of the board, it is his/her duty to accomplish the organization’s mission and vision.
  • CDF Management:

The management consists on the CEO of the organization and all program heads, the role of management to execute the decisions of Board of Directors and Implement program or the organization. It reviews the progress of all projects and activities and set direction for the field staff. Currently CDF have 07 members in management including the CEO, manager Finance, program, MEAL, Admin and logistics, Procurement and HR. out of the 07 members 03 are female members who are the head of MEAL, HR and Program departments.


Registration in Sindh: CDF is registered under voluntary Social Welfare agencies registration and control act 1961 with Social Welfare department Sindh, registration number 055/2005 dated 23-08-2005

Registration in Baluchistan: CDF is registered under Baluchistan Charities Registration, Regulation & Facilitation Act No-XI of 2019, Registration Number BCRA-115316 Dated 01/03/2023 till 29/02/2024

EAD Registration: CDF have valid MOU with Economic Affairs division Government of Pakistan for two years, the expiry date of EAD-MOU is 14-12-2023.

PDMA Registration: CDF is enlisted organization with PDMA Sindh (The letter is attached) and have registration and NOC from PDMA Balochistan

NOCs: CDF have working NOCs in district Jacobabad and Jhal Magsi, Jaffarabad, Kachhi & Sohbat Pur Baluchistan

FBR Compliance: CDF is registered with FBR and is active tax payer in the list. CDF have tax return certificate of tax year 2022.